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Evaluation of School & Community Project

March 13, 2010

When I went in to evaluate with West Park, I gave them  pomegranate –  symbol of abundance and prosperity – with my words of thanks to the children written on it. I also gave each child a clementine, as the puppet had done to Zaynab at the end of our play, symbolising a handing over of fruitful promise. And I gave them the same sorts of sweets I’d sent right at the beginning of the project inside the mystery box. All of these things I bought in local corner shops.

Each child drew an evaluative picture, or wrote a poem, which encapsulated something of their experience of being in the Corner Shop project. Whilst they did so, I went round and talked to each child, asking them what they thought they’d got out of the project. There is too much to report here. Most of the comments are on our website for all to read, under—Participant-Quotes/. There are also many images for you to browse through at your leisure, which tell some of the story of  the Whitmore Reans’ Corner Shop project—Images/.

Here are just a few comments, to whet your appetite…

Ramah:  Now I think it’s better to shop in the small shops, not the big ones.

Shivm: Before I thought the whole class couldn’t like succeed in anything, because we didn’t work together, but now, because we’re working together, we can really do something.

Randeep: I liked going to the archives, and visiting all the shops, and watching the Corner Shop production, and mostly I enjoyed doing the play and our assembly. 

Haroon: I enjoyed how we made everything for our production, how we put everything together and how we made our own big play.
Sinead: I learned that I think I could be an actress. I never knew that before.  

Chamandeep: I feel more confident now. 

Joel: I don’t have stage fright! Now I know I don’t have to have stage fright!  

Zaynab: I learnt how to interview people.

Class Teacher: I’m struggling to say how it could have been improved. The rewards of being part of this project have been so great. I think it’s made the children very proud to be who they are. It brought history to life for them and made it real. I think understanding where people’s families came from and what happened when they came to this country has made the children a lot more empathetic to all of the different people we have in our community.

Head teacher: I think it has been excellent. The children have got so much out of it. And the rest of the school has learnt something about the area too, even if they haven’t participated in the project. The school’s relationship with the community and with the parents has benefitted.


Lisa Harrison, Foursight’s Learning & Participation Co-ordinator