Devising with Class 5

Well, the impossible has happened: class 5 of West Park Primary School has devised a play in 4 days! On Thursday we rehearse it, and on Friday we perform it, to two audiences! At the end of the fourth devising day, one pupil said very poignantly: “When I think back to when we received that mystery box, and where we are now, it’s incredible really!”

Talk about focused work! Class 5 has done itself more than proud. They’re still brimming with ideas, their performances keep growing and improving,  as does their understanding of what entertaining and meaningful ensemble theatre is.

Purvin, the designer, and Heather, the sound artist, have joined us the last 4 days to help realise our vision. Taking our inspiration from Foursight and BCT’s Corner Shop Co-Production in the Mander Centre, and the many people we’ve met in Whitmore Reans whilst doing our research, we’ve made what promises to be a truly unique promenade production.

The tea party interviewees, and many of the shop keepers we interviewed are coming to the show, plus Year 4 and Year 6, as well as parents, of course. We are all very excited and can’t wait to hear what they think of our work.

Lisa Harrison










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