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Class 5’s Tea Party

December 16, 2009

We finished Part 1 of the Corner Shop School and Community Project by inviting people in from the local community to share their stories about the local shops with us.

It turned out to be much more than a simple swap of stories for cake.  The visitors ended up learning a lot about the school and neighbourhood from their hosts, and the children were able to put into practise both their skills in interviewing  and in providing hospitality. 

“I’ve learnt more about Whitmore Reans this morning in this school than I have in the 40 years that I’ve lived here!” said one community member. 

The children’s ambition with this project was singled out and praised by the visitors and Class 5 was heartily encouraged in their endeavours.

So all round, it was a most nourishing experience, after which we were stuffed with vast quantities of sensational cake and fabulous stories, and warmed by the generosity of spirit which had underpinned the whole morning’s exchange.

“Thank you,” said one guest. “That’s been the best day I’ve had for 3 years. At last I feel useful again”

Afterwards the children filmed each other commenting on the tea party and the project so far:

“I really liked interviewing people and finding out new stories.”

“Today I found out that Dorothy was 12 years old when World War 2 started.”

“I found out that in Hungary,where one interviewee came from as a refugee, people used to have to queue for every item they bought .”

“I especially enjoyed the theatre trip to the Mander Centre, because the show was fun and really interesting.”

“I’ve really liked meeting new people. In fact, I’ve liked everything we’ve done so far, and want to do it all again. But I’m going to do some new stuff in this project after the holidays.”

Too right! Research has to stop now! We’ve got a play to make! The pressure is now on to create something which will reflect the rich and wonderful stories so generously given to us by our local community. Thank you Whitmore Reans! Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PS For those needing tips on how to create a tea party that rocks, ask Class 5!

Lisa Harrison, Education and Outreach co-ordinator