Update on School and Community Project

Since the last School and Community blog, soooooo much has happened!

Class 5 saw the show in the Mander Centre and were wowed by it.  The resounding desire afterwards was summed up in Randeep’s comment: “We want to do our own Corner Shop production now”. So our task is set. 

First job: research! And we’re doing it thoroughly! At the City Archives we spent the morning looking at old maps, photos of Whitmore Reans’ main shopping street as it has been in times past, and images of old shops. The class designed their own shop fronts: there were bakeries, sweet shops, butchers, toy shops,  motor bike shops, just-about-anything-you-can-think-of shops!

Where do I live?

map work - where's my street?


shop front designers


Victorian toy shop design


outside the old Molineux Hotel - now the City Archives

Next up: gathering stories! We prepared for our trip out to the local shops in Whitmore Reans to interview shop keepers about their lives.

Six groups of five children visited a total of 18 small businesses along or near the Newhampton Road.  We had a fabulous afternoon. Each group came back not only with recorded interviews and documentary photos, but also with something from the shops: cake, fabric, Indian sweets, fish and chips, fried plantain, fried dumpling, drinks, scissors, foreign newspapers, computer cases! Most of these things had been given to the children.  The verdict afterwards was: “Whitmore Reans shop keepers are  very friendly and very generous.”

outside Q Inn Chippy


inside West End Stylists


inside Shere Punjab


outside Pak Continental

Having stuffed ourselves, we then shared stories and started working on our first possible scenes.  

But the children realised that there were still stories we haven’t heard: those from the other side of the counter, from the customers, the people who live and shop in the community.

So the next thing is tea and cake with local shoppers, whom the children will welcome into the school.  Aprons on then, Class 5!  Thankfully there are plenty of keen bakers in the class. It promises to be a wonderful exchange of delicious cakes and fabulous stories.

Lisa Harrison, Education and Outreach Co-ordinator


2 Responses to “Update on School and Community Project”

  1. Rochi Rampal Says:

    Wow! The project is sounding really exciting! And sharing stories over tea and cake? I can’t think of anything more wonderful!

  2. Jessica Harper Says:

    Wow this project really does look great! The corner shop blog is looking wonderful now!
    I didn’t know if you knew or not but I kept a blog when doing th corner shop to you can find it at
    http://www.jessicaeharper.blogspot.com in the relevent date!

    Photographs are wicked, your masks look super!

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