Tick tock, tick tock

The clocks are ticking.  We’re into our third and final week of the run and we’re racing towards the last performance at what feels like top speed.  Time is running out. It feels as though we’re all very conscious of this – we’ve been lucky enough to get a second shot at doing a show we really love.  As with the end of any run, these last few days feel very precious.  I think our audiences are conscious of this too.  After the show yesterday, one audience member told me that she worried  “many people who’d hoped to catch the show last year would be left feeling frustrated at not managing to catch it again”.  Maybe she’s right.  Most shows so far this week have been sold out.  Last chance folks!  Get those tickets booked! DSCN1989

Our afternoon performance was filmed today by a fantastic camera crew, for future promotion and documentation.  We also picked up on most scenes once the performance was over and the audience had left in order to cover different angles. But this process gave quite a strange atmosphere to the set as our characters conversed with audience members who weren’t present.  It was a bit like going back to the rehearsal stage, even though it feels like we’re well and truly passed that.  And filming scenes that rely so heavily on meticulous timing must have looked hilarious. For our simultaneously running scenes, we attempted to keep time whilst off camera by frantically, but silently, mouthing words to one another.  The process of filming also gave some of us the chance to see scenes we’re not around to see now that the run is underway, as we’re normally hiding in other rooms and behind doors, out of the reach of the audience’s eyes.  I saw some parts of scenes I don’t think I’ve seen since last year.  I felt I was seeing these scenes as our audiences would see them.  I had to struggle not to giggle too loudly (and force a re-take of filming) at the divine Jean and her quest for her lost purse and I felt quite emotional at how touching I found this scene between customer and shopkeeper. DSCN1951 I suppose it goes back to my post earlier this week.  Our audiences really do connect with this piece, be it because of their memories of being the customer of a corner shop, or the owner of one.

“It was brilliant.  Bought back loads of memories.  We had a shop… and that split room – that freaks me out.  Because that was my childhood.  Mum and Dad booking up at the end of the week, fingers crossed it will balance, ‘cause if it didn’t you’d have to do it all over again…”Audience member

Rochi Rampal


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