The power of Class 5’s personal stories

speaking and listening

speaking and listening

Class 5 are brilliant listeners! 

“No! We want to carry on listening to each other!” they insisted, when after a considerable time of sitting in a circle, I suggested that we got on our feet and did some moving around. 

The class had been interviewing each other in pairs. They were so fascinated to hear each other recounting the discoveries they’d made about their partner, they couldn’t bear not to hear everyone’s story.

What makes a good interview? We began to identify some of the essential ingredients. Curiosity. We discovered we need to have questions we are genuinely interested in asking.  Next, we need the skill of asking the questions in such a way that it draws out interesting stories. Some pupils, having interviewed parents, grandparents or neighbours over half term, are already becoming quite skilled in their questioning techniques. Here are some examples of what they asked each other:

What was your life like before you moved to England?

What are the 5 most interesting things you have done in your life?

What do you do at home?

What sorts of disasters have happened in your life?

What sorts of things do you do in the holidays? 

This was a great session to lead into hearing the stories of the Corner Shop production. Yes! Tomorrow we’ll be snaking our way up into town to watch the 1pm show. Suffice it to say, Class 5 is VERY excited.

Lisa Harrison, education and outreach co-ordinator


4 Responses to “The power of Class 5’s personal stories”

  1. Steve Says:

    go for it class 5 and keep listening to each other. Listening makes the world a better place – it’s amazing what you can learn. It’s brilliant that you know that now – it’s taken me a lot longer to learn it.

  2. Lisa Harrison Says:

    I REALLY enjoy working with class 5! They’re a fabulous class. Loads of fun and full of ideas and getting much better at working with each other.

  3. Nina Chahal Says:

    hi lisa, its me nina from west park primary school.i thought that year 5s performance was brilliant!!

    • cornershop2009 Says:

      Nina! Thank you so much for your generous comment! Glad you enjoyed it so much. Hope I bump into you again sometime soon! Good luck with your SATS! Lisa

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