Everyone’s got a corner shop

It was a busy last couple of days of the second week of the run.  There have been more set tweaks.  The boxes in the stockroom that climb the walls…


…encase the split room…


Steve and Gulshan stacking boxes


…and the week culminated in three performances on Saturday.  This felt like a bit of a shock to the system, but was great fun and enabled us to complete immerse ourselves into an intensive performance run!  And now, stepping back from the performances for a couple of days has been a refreshing opportunity to reflect on how the show has been going.   So many people commented last year on how they felt this piece of theatre should tour. It has hit me how much of our audiences this year are saying the same thing.

“Fantastic. Really glad I came up from London, this brought back a lot of happy memories.  Should be seen everywhere.”

We have been loyal to the stories that were told to us during the research phase and The Corner Shop is firmly rooted in the Black Country where our research was conducted.  But the owners of those stories have rich and diverse backgrounds, countries of origin and experiences.  These stories are universal. It’s no mistake that our nickname for our opening scene is ‘The Universal Shop’.

Our audiences have also been reminding us that what they see really speaks to them, that they feel moved to act practically…

“I will definitely be using my local corner shop more.”

I was talking with a shopper in The Mander Centre on Saturday, and explaining to her what the intriguing world behind the Sports World shutters was all about.  Her eyes lit up when she remembered her old corner shop.  She explained to me how happy she was as a young girl, being entrusted by her father with a few pence to go and fetch a pint of milk.  She told me how sad she was that they are “dying out and being put out of business”.  She shared with me her own stories of what made the shop important for her, and we talked at length about the changing nature of the business of corner shops.  This is what I love about this production: it can connect with everyone because everyone has got a feeling, a story, a memory about their corner shop.  I hope she comes to see the show.

Rochi Rampal


One Response to “Everyone’s got a corner shop”

  1. keith bojczuk Says:

    Fantastic team of performers that really brought the Corner shop alive. We all loved our own corner shop and so many have disappeared. Thankyou for the memories.

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