“Aint that right, Ms Bell?”

We’ve been having achingly long breaks in between performances this week (so long we’ve managed to fit in all sorts of hot dinners to keep us going).  While we’ve been scoffing bangers and mash, the Foursight and BCT team have been making use of the peace and quiet on set and they’ve been holding meetings in the only place they call home these days…


Company meeting on set

Meanwhile, in the sweet shop, John and Julia have been filming their scene for a digital-video-e-flier thingumy (I’m sure there must be a technical name for such a thing, but I’ve yet to find out what it is…)


Lights, camera, euphonium!

Julia’s role as performer last year has grown to performer/musician this time around.  Here, she shares her thoughts on the transition of stepping into the role of Ms Bell…

Rochi Rampal


The fabulous Ms Bell

Last night someone asked me how I got involved with The Corner Shop. I was proud to say that I filled in as one of the hoodies last year when one of the community cast dropped out. Although I am grieved not to be lurking around the dark street corners and attempting to create havoc at every possible moment, I am thoroughly enjoying using the only weapon I now own, my violin bow, to confront the hoodies when they attempt to steal our hat full of pennies!

This transition from hoody to musician has created feelings of excitement, nervousness, humour, anticipation and enthusiasm. Alongside that, the extremely short rehearsal process of familiarising myself with my cartoon like character ‘Mrs Bell’ in the sweet shop scene has been a race against time. A strange yet fulfilling fusion of crazy instruments (donated by John’s magical box, Derek, and my mother, who is starting to wonder if she ever owned a melodica due to it’s lack of presence in the house), the wonderful patience of John, bright daring colours, a thousand ways how to say my one and only line ‘You’re right there Mr Jeffs’, and most importantly green fluff that manages to get EVERYWHERE!

I feel extremely privileged to work with such amazing people and artists, and humbled to be playing alongside Sheema, who has made me feel so welcomed. There is nothing better than having a jam with a sitar player in a disused shop in Wolverhampton! The Corner Shop has been an immense opportunity and is continuing to be utterly enjoyable!

Julia Hares


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