First Night

First night – done! It was in some ways strange to put on a ‘first night’ of a show we’ve performed twenty odd times before.  It also felt exhilarating to be back in the swing of the show again –as though we never closed last year, and yet fresh and new at the same time.

Those last minute tweaks and final checks really were being carried out right up until the last minute.  I just about managed to scrub away some tiny traces of paint from my hands before the performance started.  A striking picture I have in my mind is of Frances surrounded by colourful cloth, as she calmly and peacefully sewed pieces together amidst the rush of the last hour before the performance.

After the performance, Steve was talking to some audience members from outside Wolverhampton who have never visited the city until tonight. They absolutely loved the show… “Wonderful! Imaginative, emotive…reminds me about what’s missing in our communities now.”  I can’t wait to hear what other audience members feel about the show – not just those who will experience The Corner Shop for the first time, but those who are coming back this year for a second helping.

Rochi Rampal


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