CS School and Community Project: the first meeting!

They didn’t disappoint. In fact, they were fantastic! In fact, we had a thoroughly exciting time together! 

When asked: ‘what do you want to find out in this project?’ Class 5 of West Park Primary came up with some great ideas: 

Why is one of the shops called The Samaritans?;  I want to find out more about the shops and what they sell by visiting them; I want to find out more about the fruits and vegetables sold in the shops; What does the shop next to Rayin Fast Food look like inside?;  Can we buy stuff in the shops for the project?; I want to find out more about acting;  How do you come up with ideas for making a play?; I want to find out more about the theatre company Lisa works with. 

what I want to find out is...

what I want to find out is...

One girl wanted to know how bossy my boss was, and did he mind me taking weeks off work in order to have fun with Class 5. Quite a lot to unpack there for a self-employed person being paid to have fun with Class 5, working with a non-hierarchical, women-led theatre company!  

We listened to a recording of me interviewing my now deceased grandparent. We talked about the value of hearing and preserving people’s stories. They have gone off now to interview grandparents/family members/neighbours, in order to share stories when we next meet after half term…the week they also go to see The Corner Shop Production. Well, they said they wanted to find out more about Foursight and acting and how to have ideas for plays…

It was fabulous to put faces to names. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together!

Today I also met some Year 10 drama students from Deansfield on set. “That’s where the trainers used to be,” said one lad, more familiar with the shop in its previous life. Two days before opening  was a great time for them to see  the site…painters decorating, actors grabbing a bite to eat on a break, directors and designers grabbing the opportunity to talk together – no breaks for them! Lots to see and hear and take in, so many people busily involved in the lead up to the opening. The Year 10s are going to be helping me with the school and community project over the coming weeks. Thanks, Deansfield!

Lisa Harrison, Education and Outreach Co-ordinator


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