Plunged into darkness

This morning, disaster struck.  Whilst the design team were painting and constructing, our electrical equipment suddenly stopped working and the lights went out. Due to an electrical fault and power surge, fuses have blown and our sound equipment seems to have stopped working.  So that’s one week to go until first night, and we are without light and sound.  It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine…

Jonny and Emma ploughed on with painting, continuing to magic the set into being, in darkness.

Painting by lamplight

Painting by lamplight

By trial and error, Steve and Mick worked to try and source the root of the problem.

The set upstairs is without sound, but downstairs it is amplified

The set upstairs is without sound, but downstairs it is amplified

Whilst the performers rehearsed, the sweet sounds of Sheema and Julia’s music was accompanied by sounds of worried problem-solving voices over walkie-talkies.  “My brain is fried” remarked Mick, as he disappeared once more into the electrical cupboard, and began flicking more switches.  As the day progressed, the rescue team grew, and it was all hands on deck as more and more technical minds tackled the problem.

On a lighter note (sorry, no pun intended, I promise) we had a really productive afternoon with the community performers.  Here are some of Dale’s thoughts on his experience of joining the team so far…

Rochi Rampal


I’m Dale Phillips from George Salter Collegiate Academy and I’m basically going to run past you what’s been happening at the corner shop performance in Wolverhampton.

This show offers a wide range of different thoughts and feelings of different communities and cultures and offers an understanding into the different ways that these shops in these cultures are portrayed. That would be one of my most favourite things about this performance. Behind the scenes (or backstage) is amazing because we get to work with a wide range of actors and actresses who all have different skills and abilities to help us along the way. Although I have worked in promenade theatre before, it is amazing and also an honour to be able to work with such a great theatre company. I have picked up so many new and exciting techniques working with a group of this ability. The idea behind the performance is not only to allow the audience to enjoy the performance but to warn them about some of the issues the shop keepers over the years have had to put up with.

I hope that they have also enjoyed working with me and put forward any more work that they want me to work in, as I have definitely enjoyed this task of working with “Four sight theatre company” and hope the invite me to work with them for the future performances that they put on. Thanks.

Dale Phillips


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