The Suspense is Almost Killing Me!

I can’t wait to meet this class!

There’s something very exciting about communicating with a class I haven’t met yet, but who are already, through their correspondence with me, revealing delightfully something of who they are.

So, as you know, I sent them the box of goodies, they wrote to me in response and asked me loads of questions (see Oct 5th below). Last week I then wrote to them…on a brown paper bag…answering their questions as best I could, and asking them if they wanted to help me do a project about the local community.

letter on a brown paper bag

letter on a brown paper bag

Here are just a few of their responses.

“I’ve got lots more questions”; “I’m looking forward to the project because I don’t know anything about the Newhampton Road”; “I’d love to help with the project because I know the neighbourhood and it sounds interesting”; “The thing that excites me is that I might get to do some acting”; “The thing that excites me is that I might go to some of the shops and discover more that goes on around here”; “Why are you doing this with Year 5?”; “I’m really looking forward to the experiment”; “I want to do the project because I love surprises”…

a letter back

a letter back

I go into school to meet them for the first time next Monday.

Lisa Harrison, Education and Outreach Co-ordinator


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