My visit to The Corner Shop.

Hello world! This is Jo Carr here on my very first blogging, live and direct from Foursight’s HQ. Having recently taken on some project mangement for the company I thought it was about time I visited The Corner Shop site to see Johnny and the team re-creating the set in its second home deep in the bowels of Wolverhampton’s Mander Shopping Centre. The first thing I spied was an enticing window display full of various favourites from our nations shelves and then as I glanced through the shutters and bits of abandonned shopfittings I could see our own corner shop rising from the ashes of the now defunct “SportsWorld”. Having never been a fan of any type of sports shop I was delighted to see this magical set and all its lovingly chosen props inhabiting this corner of the centre, as opposed to a load of stupidly priced plimsolls. After a quick tour around the space from Johnny O’Hanlon, designer and maker extraordinaire, I set off toward the office, remembering just how blinkin good this show is I felt inspired to pull out a wad of flyers from my bag and pounce on various un-suspecting grannies, mums and window-shoppers telling them to look out for something out of the ordinary and rather beautiful in this here empty shop space. Rehearsals start tomorrow so no doubt the shoppers will start to notice for themselves that all is not what it seems in this little corner of The Mander.


3 Responses to “My visit to The Corner Shop.”

  1. SJ Says:

    Really looking forward to seeing the show again – it brought back scenes from my childhood. My grandparents were butchers (they’d have been devastated to know I grew up veggie…) and had a shop with two halves – the butchers on one side and an all purpose grocer next door with a stripy plastic curtain between the two. I used to help out in my school holiday, making sausages and cornish pasties and if I’d been really good, squirting the jelly into the top of pork pies. I used to stand on a chair to ring sales into the till – the kind with the pop up amounts and still with the old money on. They had a dodgy gas fire in the back to warm your feet on (the shop was always freezing because of the meat) and where we used to make toast. The shop’s gone now, and a smart development of “masionettes” called Glover Court after my great grandmother who had the original shop.

  2. cornershop2009 Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us SJ, your description of life growig up in a shop was so vivid I feel like and can really see it! We look forward to your visit to our Corner Shop, do grab a team member after the show to tell us more about your childhood memories. AP.

    • SJ Says:

      Would be happy to – I’m stewarding on 28th and have time to kill between the afternoon and evening shows. My husband’s grandad was a baker so I’ll make sure he chips in as well.


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