First Day Buzz

There was a real buzz about the place when we all arrived this morning, meeting up together again for the first time in a year, since we last closed the doors on the first incarnation of The Corner Shop.

Touring the space

Touring the space

Firstly, we began the day with a tour of the space: the set, our rehearsal room, even the dark service areas of The Mander Centre.  As the performers encountered our new ‘home’ for the next few weeks, a mixture of reminiscent thoughts and looking forward to what will be filled our conversations. Some actors found it startling to be in the ‘same’ set, but in a completely different location, and it’s been quite difficult to get our bearings at times – some of us feeling as though we’re still in the shopping centre in West Bromwich!

To kick things off, we ran the whole show, as we clutched our scripts.  This  allowed us to find our feet, and our places in our shop spaces, streets and back rooms. After a year away from one another, it’s hard to believe we’ve not been doing this performance in our sleep.  Words and blocking at times seemed to return effortlessly.  There were moments where you could almost hear the music and feel the lights.

The first run through

The first run through

We are familiar enough with this space –it’s the same layout as the original. But the seemingly small differences in the new shop unit could in fact provide some potentially significant logistical issues. What does this new space offer? How can we make a whopping great plastic stairway banister fit into a street scene (you’ll have to come and see the show to find out)? How will we protect dramatic reveals from our audiences, and save them for important moments?

So we’ve settled in well, and quickly.  The team are together and rehearsals are underway. And old habits die hard it seems.  There’s a mountain of sweet treats on the table and endless mugs of tea.  Brain food of course…honest!

Rochi Rampal


2 Responses to “First Day Buzz”

  1. Pete Bridges Says:

    I am looking forward to the seeing the incorporation of banister, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Lynn Goodenough Says:

    Fantastic show. I saw it in West Bromich it should be performed at major venues around the country including London as it is pertinent to all city communities.
    Worth going to see.

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