Curiouser and curiouser…School and Community Project begins!

the journey of the box...

the journey of the box...

Last week I sent the children of Class 5 in West Park Primary School a box. Inside was a collection of items for them to start guessing who I am and what the project might be about.

I’ve just been to the school to pick up their responses.

“Dear Mysterious Person, …I think everything in the box is from Newhampton Road. But I think the food was first shipped or sent to the UK from different parts of the world and I think these are some of them: Jamaica, India, Iran, Pakistan and Poland”; “Dear Someone, do you work as a farmer that grows food?”, “Dear Mystery Person, I think you work in a shop”, “Who are you and why on earth did you put hair in the box?”,  “Me and my class tried to find out what strange fruits are in the box”, “ I think the project is about culture”, “I think I’ll like the project from all the mysterious things”, “thanks for the sweets”…

the contents of the box...

the contents of the box...

Good start, methinks! I’m about to write a letter back, answering their many questions, and exciting their interest more, I hope.

When I visited all the shops to collect stuff for the box, I told the shop keepers about the project and all expressed their interest and desire to want to help out, meet the children and talk to them about their working lives.

Most heart-warming to know that the community in which both the school and Foursight are located, is so willing and supportive.

See—Images/ for more related images.

Lisa Harrison, Education and Outreach Co-ordinator


2 Responses to “Curiouser and curiouser…School and Community Project begins!”

  1. Frances johnstone Says:

    I like the look of the box – did they get to eat any of the contents?

  2. Lisa Harrison Says:

    Yes! The sweets! They were from Saudi Arabia. I confess to trying one myself. Delicious! What other project can justify so utterly legitimately sending sweets to children?!?! Have you ever tried a sweet from Saudi Arabia?

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