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The Corner Shop performances come to Wolverhampton

July 24, 2009

Foursight Theatre and Black Country Touring have teamed up with Wolverhampton Arts & Museums Services and the Mander Shopping Centre in Wolverhampton to bring our much loved 2008 production of The Corner Shop to Foursight’s home town of Wolverhampton for the first time this autumn.

Performances will run from 23rd October – 8th November 2009 (full details on Foursight’s website here) in a disused shop unit in the Mander Centre and this blog will record the whole process of transforming this empty site into a bustling, colourful set for our promenade performances, as well as the highs and lows, stresses, strains and delights of the rehearsal process.

We will be blogging weekly from here on in, and the aim is to increase posts to daily entries once rehearsals start in mid-October, so do stay tuned!

Thanks for your interest in this project, and we hope to see you at a performance in due course!

The Corner Shop 2008 production in West Bromwich

The Corner Shop 2008 production in West Bromwich